Vision AI

Modular tools to solve your detection, classification, tracking and geolocation problems.
Suitable for:
Detecting animals, people, vehicles and more from platforms such as boats, subs, UAVs and aircraft
Accurately track targets across multiple sensors
Geolocate targets in ocean or land with global topology support
Sensor fusion across optical, IR, RADAR, LIDAR and more
Advanced machine learning support for images and geolocation data
Integrations with Geolabel for training and managing ML models
Runs on embedded, edge or cloud environments
The key to Vision AI is marrying traditional Computer Vision with the latest Machine Learning methods, and our in-house development and training pipeline. This allows us to create fast, reliable detection and classification pipelines for many different scenarios.

Platform agnostic

Helicopter, airplane, drone, car, boat, submarine or static. Works anywhere.

Sensor agnostic

Advanced data fusion - GPS, Optical, Long wave, LIDAR, Sonar and more.

Compute agnostic

Process anywhere - Embedded, Edge or Cloud.

Task agnostic

Configurable to any goal - Detection, Classification and Tracking

Perception Problem?

Solve it with Vision AI