2023 Greenroom Robotics Social Wrap-Up & Reflection

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Blake Bond
Blake Bond

Greenroom Robotics experienced a remarkable year in 2023, marked by significant strides in team growth and innovative achievements. Both the East and West offices saw an expansion of their talented teams, enabling them to undertake a wide range of innovative projects across various maritime sectors. This year was not just about internal growth but also about forging substantial partnerships with leaders in industry, education, and maritime organisations, all united by the goal of achieving safer and cleaner oceans.

Photo compilation of Greenroom software on Whiskey Project Group's Bravo vessel
Greenroom Robotics x The Whiskey Project Group

One of the year's highlights was the collaboration with The Whiskey Project Group, where Greenroom's GAMA technology was practically applied to high-speed tactical crafts. This venture demonstrated Greenroom’s commitment to practical, real-world applications of our technology. Alongside these projects, there was a continuous focus on the development of the Greenroom Platform, solidifying its position in maritime innovation.

Greenroom's inaugural Fremantle RAS & AI networking event
Greenroom's inaugural Fremantle RAS & AI networking event

The company also dedicated time to engaging with the broader industry at our inaugural bi-annual maritime Robotics Autonomous Systems and Artificial Intelligence (RAS & AI) networking event in Fremantle. This event brought together nearly 40 professionals to discuss the current and future states of robotics engineering and maritime AI technology, highlighting Greenroom’s role in facilitating important industry conversations.

Photo compilation of Inkfish technology
Greenroom Robotics x Inkfish

Strategic meetings were a key part of the year, with significant sessions held to plan for the future and integrate insights into ongoing research and product development. Representing the company, CEO James Keane and Principal Software Architect David Revay attended the Advancing Full Ocean Depth Technology Conference in San Diego, where they contributed to global discussions on deep-sea exploration and technology development.

A landmark achievement for Greenroom in 2023 was our acceptance into the Australian Government's Defence Trailblazer for Concept to Sovereign Capability Program. This initiative positioned Greenroom to tackle key challenges affecting Australia's future security and economic progression, working alongside universities and numerous industry partners.

Greenroom's Zac Pullen with DSV Bakunawa also referred to as 'Baku'.
Greenroom's Zac Pullen with DSV Bakunawa also referred to as 'Baku'.

The year also saw technical advancements, particularly with the evolution of the Subsea Mission Management System into MarOps, a comprehensive tool enhancing maritime operations. The team's expertise was also called upon for the recommissioning of the DSV Bakunawa submersible in San Diego, where they integrated advanced features into the submersible's operations.

Harry Hubbert talking to two attendees of ADEX 2023
Greenroom’s Harry Hubbert conversing at ADEX 2023.

Internationally, Greenroom marked its presence at the Seoul International Aerospace and Defence Exhibition, representing Australia's maritime technology sector. This participation underlined our growing influence in global maritime technology circles.

Compilation photo of Indopac 2023

Towards the year's end, Greenroom’s involvement in the Indo Pacific Maritime Exposition 2023 and other industry events showcased our technological capability and commitment to maritime innovation. We demonstrated our Remote Command Unit and other advancements, emphasising the ease of transitioning between manual and autonomous control of maritime vessels.

The company's partnership with Austal Australia in the Patrol Boat Autonomy Trial and the development of software for AMC Search's 'Whiskers' project underscored Greenroom's dedication to safer and cleaner oceans. These initiatives represent a step towards a future of widespread adoption of autonomous vessels.

The year concluded with successful networking events, project milestones, and celebrations, reflecting the team's hard work and achievements. As Greenroom Robotics steps into 2024, we carry with us a spirit of optimism and eagerness, ready to continue our journey of growth and innovation in the maritime sector.


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Blake Bond
Blake Bond

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Blake Bond
Blake Bond